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Basic info site:

Okcupid.com is a very popular and largest site for the bisexual singles which match the profile of our members through a new and interesting way in which we do many calculations for matchmaking. We use math to match our members profile which sound bit different, but it is quite a good technique. As we matched many profiles of our members before, they are enjoying their dating with lot of joy and happiness. We calculate all your needs and requirement and match them to our registered members. By doing this, no one gets suffer, while dating as they date with a right partner as they like. So as to make your relationship healthier and better you just need to sign up with us and start searching for a correct dating partner who are also waiting for you to enjoy a sexual life.

                                         So as to overcome from such type of fakes, we are here to provide our best and at a zero cost. As our service is free for our standard members then loosing of money is not possible, we do not request any type of money from our members until they want to acquire our paid plans which have some dynamical features. Any person can visit us, you just need to sign up only and fulfill all your details which are supposed to keep confidential. Your information don’t be leek out in front of any member of our site as well as on the web which makes you feel safer to fulfill all your real information and the needs which you want to see in your dating partner. These types of personal information don’t be share in front of anyone one until you allow to share those.


  • Free for standard members until they want to acquire our paid service.
    Gold membership.
  • Only $29.95 for 1 month, which save 25% off from the regular price of $39.95
  • A 3 monthly charge is $59.95 which save 50% off the regular price and provide discounts of $19.95 a month.
  • A 6 monthly charge is $95.95 which save up to 60% off the regular price and provide discounts of $15.95 a month.
  • You can pay us by using your credit card / check card /charge card / debit card /bank check or by money order through postal mail.


  • Free and standard members can enjoy the following:
  • Chat with our members who are responsible enough.
  • Send wishes such as birthday wishes by sending birthday and greeting cards.
  • Initiate to emails quickly.
  • Provide your photos, but at a certain limit as 26 photos only.
  • Clear your queries with your matches and ask with your friends. You can help others too by solving their queries.
  • Make your profile as a lifetime profile.
  • By advanced tools, edit forum messages and blogs.
  • Easily comment on blogs, forums and profiles.
Honorable Gold members can access the following:
  • Chat with the most compatible members of your desire and reverse matches.
  • Concern your queries with experienced Bi sexual counselors by e-mail.
  • Manage your profile by providing privacy through privacy setting.
  • Make your profile come top in searches.
  • An account manager is there to provide you further personalized services


Members Range:

Okcupid.com acquire over 750,210 bisexual singles, including bisexual women and men also who are straight people as they don’t use to make you fool. The site is for common people from all over the globe.

Privacy security:

Having privacy tools that assure you to secure your personal information within yourself. It can’t be shared with anyone until you allow to share them. You can also block the person who supposed to disturb you and you can also filed a complaint regarding to the disturbance to the security center.


Okcupid.com is a path to enjoy dating with the person of your desire. It is not only for bisexual people, but also gay, lesbians and straight people can also find their date easily. There is no limitation of members are there so all can come with to make their sexual life healthier.

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